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Broadcast To Indeed Or Invest In SEO?

Indeed jobs get indexed by Google faster than your career site pages and your SEO suffers. Unique jobs from your website become duplicate of Indeed content cached earlier. Which reduces the amount of relevant content cached, decreases your search engines positions and diminishes targeted job seeker traffic.


Aggregators are great to help your site get applications fast, but they will undermine your SEO and value of your site in the long run.


Traffic vs conversions
Review the number of visits from aggregator site. Check the bounce rate, time spent on site and actual applications you are getting. 


CareerMount solution
CareeMount offers its clients to limit jobs broadcasted to only those visited by Google bot / cached. Which would get your vacancies indexed before Indeed does.

Job SEO & Web 2.0 via Career Site Service

We are living in an unprecedented period of employment activity. Millions of historically passive job seekers are now becoming more active. Capture this valuable contact and resume information with CareerMount.


Job search engine optimization and social networking are major trends in any effective online recruitment strategy because they provide a cost-effective means of talent acquisition. CareerMount merged HR SEO and Web 2.0 tools into a professional career site solution: www.careermount.com.


Career Site As Service
With the CareerMount hosted solution clients pay a monthly subscription based on the number of jobs. The full service hosted solution starts at $195 a month. Hosted solution integrates with client website to provide a seamless jobs portal for visitors.

Employers are also offered an option to host on their own servers.


Job Marketing Platform

CareerMount technology provides visibility of your jobs on search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc.) results pages and drives applicants to unique talent landing pages.


Job broadcasting (Indeed, Google base)
Careermount includes the capability to publish jobs automatically to Indeed, Google base, other aggregators, niche boards and free job boards


RSS feeds & email alerts
Careermount applicant features allow your talent community to subscribe to new jobs.


Publish jobs to Social Networks (Facebook, Linked in)
Careermount allows you to advertise corporate openings to your personal network or to specific user groups.


Talent Hub

ATS integration
CareerMount’s talent hub includes capability to automatically forward applications to your Talent Management System / ATS or save in career site database.

Screening questionnaires
Career site will filter out unwanted applicants and estimate the passing score.

Candidate database
Searchable candidate community for corporate recruiters to have easy access to prior applicants.


is a product of Aspen Technology Labs, Inc., a leading provider of internet career site technology and HR search engine optimization.

HR SEO via CareerMount Talent Hub

CareerMount software provides following job search engine optimization features:

  1. Spider friendly URLs
  2. Mega Tags, titles, headings and text content optimization
  3. Google sitemap.xml generation
  4. Robots.txt editing
  5. Automatically analyses jobs content and optimizes for popular job specific keywords (i.e. job titles, functions, locations). 
  6. Unlimited number of phrase-based landing pages
  7. Internal linking structure based on keywords popularity and jobs indexing status (Google cache) and keywords search for on website.

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