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Career site SEO, mobile version, social integration. 
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Frequently Asked Questions

Career site features

Can I broadcast jobs via XML to Indeed and other job aggregators?
Yes, XML feeds are configured in admin.

Can I change application form, job posting and search forms in admin?
Yes, application, job search, admin candidate search and job posting forms can be customized in real time in admin without development costs involved.


Search Engine Optimization

When will my website show up in search results of Google and other search engines?
Your website Search Engine positions depend on multiple factors: keywords on pages, site structure, amount of unique and relevant content, frequency of updates, links on trusted websites, etc. Generic answer is:

New websites / domains: search engines usually take up to 3 month to update indexes and rankings. After initial sandbox period is passed, based on your website being well optimized and content is unique: you will start getting positions for less competitive keywords ini tially, then growing for more popular ones within next 3-6 months.

New pages added to current site: getting the jobs and new landing pages to the first pages of search engines might take from 2-3 days to months based on competition, uniqueness of the content and your website optimization.

How do I improve the site crawling and caching of the vacancies?
1. Make sure the links to your jobs are available via optimized landing pages that are frequently revisited by Googlebot and other crawlers.

2. Get XML sitemap submitted to Search engines (note: sitemap.xml is generated automatically for SEO Built-in Plus, Pro and Pro Plus packages). Sitemap file is located at the following URL: 

Does CareerMount generate Google XML sitemap, control robots.txt?
Yes, XML sitemap is auto-generated and robots.txt file is controlled via admin.

How do I know if my jobs are indexed by Google?
CareerMount admin area provides indexing statistics. But you can always check if a specific page/job is cached via: .



What hosting options do you provide?

2 hosting options: 
1. Hosted career site service. Servers are located in US and UK-based data centers.
2. Client server based hosting (Standalone license only).

What are the CareerMount application hosting requirements?
Technology: Java, PostgreSQL.
OS: Linux (preferred), Unix, Windows.
Hosting: Virtual Private Server, Dedicated Server (preferred options), your own server.
- RAM: 1 Gb
- CPU speed: 1 GHz (2 CPU preferred)
- Disk Storage: 3 Gb or more


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Search Engine Optimization


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