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Jobs SEO | Mobile Career Site

Jobs SEO & Mobile Career Site

Career site SEO, mobile version, social integration. 
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Self Assess Your Career Site SEO

Here are 3 easy steps to help you assess your Career Site SEO performance:

  1. Are your jobs indexed by Google?
    Can they be found by job seekers on Google? Check if your jobs are in Google cache:

  2. Are your target job titles & locations in top 10 Google results? 
    Pick 5 job titles and locations from some jobs that are posted on your site. Pick jobs that are at least three or more days old, to give the search engines time to index them. Run a Google search using "job title + jobs + job location" to check if your site comes up in the top 10 results. Good answer: 80% are in top 10. Bad answer, few or none are in the top 10.
  3. Are you getting enough Search Engine originated applications?
    Open your Google Analytics or other statistics package and review Goals achieved for Search Engines (non-paid) visitors. 


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